Getting Help

In addition to this documentation, there are other ways to learn and get help developing for SmartThings, discussed below.

Developer documentation

Use this documentation to learn about SmartThings development, as well as serve as a reference. The documentation is searchable, and can be viewed and downloaded in a variety of formats including PDF and EPUB (click on “Read the Docs” on the bottom left of the page to see the download options).

This documentation is open source and available in GitHub here.


One of the best things about SmartThings is the amazing community of users, makers, and developers. Make sure to register for an account and introduce yourself. It’s a great place to learn, help others, and make friends.

If you can’t find an answer for your question in the documentation, the community is a great resource as well. You can search for your question in case it has already been addressed, or post a new question.

Many of the SmartThings staff frequents these forums as well. We’ll chime in and try to be helpful.

SmartThings developer support

While our community is amazing and there are tons of awesome people there to support you, you may sometimes have more in-depth questions that our communtiy can’t answer. When that happens, we’re here to help.

This form is a direct line to our developer advocates in the rare occasion our community can’t help with your question. Once you submit a ticket you should expect to get a response in 48 hours.


This form is for developers writing SmartApps and Device Handlers on the platform. If you need support for a SmartApp or Device Handler that you found on our community, please reach out to the developer of that SmartApp or Device Handler for support. If they need further support we will work directly with them to support their development.

In order to receive the best support, you should provide a simplified example that clearly illustrates the issue. This should be in the form of a simple SmartApp or Device Handler that can be easily installed and clearly shows the issue. This allows us to quickly verify the issue, and use it as a test for any fix provided.

We recommend creating a gist with a complete and easily installable SmartApp or Device Handler, and referencing it in your support ticket.


We recognize that sometimes, providing a simple SmartApp or Device Handler that illustrates the issue is not possible. More often than not, however, it is. A simplified example enables you (and us) to verify that the issue is in fact with the API in question, and not some other factor.

If you do not provide a simplified example that can be easily installed, our ability to quickly verify, diagnose, and address the issue may be limited.