Automatic LAN Device Discovery

Automatic LAN device discovery minimizes the complexity in discovering LAN-connected devices.

Normally the SmartThings platform will discover a LAN-connected or a Cloud-connected device only when a Service Manager SmartApp for that specific device is present. This means that if you want to integrate multiple LAN devices, such as a Wemo motion sensor and a Bose Speaker, then you will need multiple Service Manager SmartApps, i.e., a separate Service Manager SmartApp for each LAN-connected device. On the contrary, the platform does not have any such Service Manager SmartApp requirement for a ZigBee or a Z-Wave device.

The new automatic LAN device discovery eliminates the Service Manager SmartApp requirement for some LAN-connected devices, thereby making for a much smoother and quicker LAN-connected device discovery. See Supported LAN-connected Devices.

Impact on the developer

For the Supported LAN-connected Devices if you have made any customizations to either your Service Manager SmartApp or your Device Handler, then your LAN-connected device integration will be impacted. See the table below.

Custom Device Handler Custom Service Manager SmartApp Impact
Yes No Custom LAN Device Handler is overwritten with the SmartThings version.
Yes Yes No impact

Supported LAN-connected Devices

Currently a limited number of LAN-connected devices can be discovered with automatic LAN device discovery. See How to connect Wi-Fi devices.